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What is LogonAssist?

If you have used the Internet for online shopping and banking, you will probably have accumulated a large number of usernames and passwords. These may well have become difficult to manage, leading to the temptation to use the same name and password combinations wherever possible. This exposes you to unnecessary risk, particularly when you use such id’s on non-secure sites (those which do not start “https”).

As well as this, some sites may force you to use variations on your chosen theme. Perhaps they insist on there being at least one capital letter. Maybe they prompt you with one of a number of different questions each time you log on. Because of this, you finish up with a number of id/password combinations which are similar but not identical. The result? You make too many mistakes when trying to log on and lock yourself out of an account.

LogonAssist eases the pain of all this by storing all your username and password information in a single file, protected by a single master password. When you want to log on to one of your shopping or banking sites, you simply start LogonAssist, give it your master password, select the account you want to use, and press the logon button . Your default Internet browser opens and takes you to the site, where you can cut and paste the relevant information from LogonAssist to your browser.

Because it makes it easier to retrieve your password information, LogonAssist can encourage you to adopt good password habits. Passwords should be difficult to guess, difficult even for those who know you to work out, different from one place to another, and most importantly they should frequently be changed. LogonAssist helps you do this by keeping track of when you change your passwords and reminding you if you have not done so for a while. You can set the reminder period to whatever you choose for each different account.

To find out how to use LogonAssist, go to the Get Started section.

If you are already familiar with the product and need reference material, go to Commands.

If you want to know about the security features in LogonAssist, go to Security.

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