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About Berrick Computing Ltd

Berrick Computing Ltd was founded in 1998 to supply systems programming services to IBM System 390 users. Building on the skills acquired there we can also offer a number of other services and products.

Contract Services

  • zSeries Systems Programming
    • Operating system and third party software installation and customisation
  • Software Design and Consultancy
    • Design, code and test software in a variety of languages (principally zSeries Assembler, Rexx, Java, Visual Basic)
  • Software Testing
    • We can create test scripts for you from your system documentation or work from your own scripts
  • Technical Authoring
    • System, Help and Disaster Recovery documentation in a variety of formats


  • LogonAssist helps people who have to log on to multiple systems with different usernames and passwords.
  • Chronolator speeds the process of assembling the chronology tables required by Child Protection and other Serious Case Reviews

Please see our Services  and Products pages for more details about what we can offer you. 

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