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IBM Systems Programming

We provide a full range of traditional OS390 and z/OS systems programming services, including operating system and third party software installation and customisation. 

Output Management

We have developed Output Management strategies using a number of different products, and designed and performed data conversions between products.

Software development

We can write software to your specification in a variety of languages (principally S390 / zSeries Assembler, REXX, Java, COBOL, and Visual Basic).

Software development partnerships

We can work closely with clients and third party developers to develop and test new and updated software.

Software testing

Drawing on our experience of software development, we can perform rigorous software testing. We can create test scripts for you from your system documentation or work from your own scripts.

Technical Authoring

We have extensive experience of writing System, User, and Disaster Recovery documentation. You might like to look at our products pages for samples of our work.

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