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What can LogonAssist do for your business?

One of the main ways your company tries to protect data on its computer systems is by ensuring users can only gain access to them through a combination of userid's and passwords. It is generally accepted that these should regularly be changed if this policy is to be effective .

Unfortunately it is easier to set such a policy than to ensure your users adopt it in such a way as to maintain security - particularly when they have to use many systems, each with different rules. The temptation for them to write passwords down is great, and while they may intend to lock them away at the end of the day this doesn't always happen. It is also not unknown for signon information to be written on a yellow sticker next to the monitor!

Well-enforced security rules also have a drawback when staff forget their passwords, leading to a huge amount of wasted time and resources both by them and for the people who have to sort out the problem.

LogonAssist makes it much easier for your staff to manage their signon information. Everything is stored in a single encrypted file, protected by a single master password. When they want to log on to a system, they simply start LogonAssist, give it their master password and select the system they want to use. The required signon information is then presented to them. If the relevant system is accessed via a Web browser, they may go directly to it by pressing the logon button .

LogonAssist includes comprehensive online Help and a Getting Started tutorial, helping your staff get up and running with the minimum of effort.

LogonAssist also makes it easier for people to keep to the security policies you set. It will keep track of when  passwords are changed and remind staff when a change is due. No more password problems caused by unexpected Friday afternoon changes!

If LogonAssist does not quite meet all your needs, we can produce a suitably customised version for your business. If you would like to discuss this, please email business@logonassist.co.uk with a brief outline of what you need.

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