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Installation is in two steps, one of which you may already have completed for a different program.

1. Install a suitable Java Run Time Environment if one is not already installed. Please refer to Installing Java.

2. Install the LogonAssist software using the appropriate instructions for the file you downloaded:

Automated installation from EXE download

(This procedure is for Windows users only).

Double click on the file you downloaded and follow the prompts. These conform to the usual Windows program setup conventions.

To start LogonAssist, click on the appropriate item in your Start menu or on your desktop.

Please see Starting LogonAssist for the first time for information about what happens when the program starts.

Manual installation from ZIP download

Unzip the file you downloaded. You can unzip it into any folder you choose, but you must ensure that you keep the same folder structure. (Do not move any of the files around once you have unzipped it). 

TIP: some unzip utilities will attempt to unzip the Java archive (.jar) files included in the download. You should ensure the relevant option is turned off. 

LogonAssist files below has details of the files and folders you should end up with.

To start LogonAssist, double-click the logonassist122.jar file.

If this does not work, or to start it without using a mouse, open a command line and enter

java -jar "path\logonassist122.jar"

where path is the path to the place you copied the program. (Make sure you use the quotation marks if any of the folders in the path contain spaces. On Unix systems, use forward slashes / instead of backward \).

Please see Starting LogonAssist for the first time for information about what happens when the program starts.

Starting LogonAssist for the first time

The first time you use the program, you will be asked to supply a master password for your new file. After you do so, the program will open and display the 'Getting Started' Help section. This tutorial will guide you as you add new accounts to the file. Later on, when you are familiar with the program, you can stop the tutorial being displayed at startup by using the Options menu.

LogonAssist files

The table below lists the files and folders you will find in the main folder where you install LogonAssist.

logonassist122.jarExecutable Java Archive fileContains main application and support files.
jh.jarJava Archive fileContains files used by the JavaHelp system.
resourcesFolderContains images and help files.
samplesFolderContains sample files.
readme.txtText fileInstallation instructions in plain text format.
readme.htmHTML filePointer to installation instructions in HTML format.
HTML filesInstallation instructions in HTML format.
Uninstal.datData fileCreated if you use the Automated install. Contains data required for an automated uninstall.
PADInfoFolderContains files used during program distribution. May be deleted if you wish.
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